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Writers gallery

Below is a cross-section of writers involved with the project.



Ruonah Godwin-Agbroko (Nigeria - participant)
Ifeanyi Ajaegbo (Nigeria - participant)
Felix Akombi (Nigeria - participant)
Richard Ugbede Ali (Nigeria - participant)
Halima Aliyu (Nigeria - participant)
Ayo Dele Ayeni (Nigeria - participant)
Alu Azege (Nigeria - participant)
Ifeoma Azih (Nigeria - participant)
Biyi Bandele (UK - mentor)
Adrian Baryamujura (Uganda - participant)
Ebenezer Bifubyeka (Uganda - participant)
Simon Brett (UK - mentor)
Chinedu Chukwu (Nigeria - participant)
Jugo Daniel (Nigeria - participant)
Solomon Destiny (Nigeria - participant)
Alpha Emeka (Nigeria - participant)
Mariah Therese Essien (Nigeria - participant)
Judith R. Fumnanya (Nigeria - participant)
Mike Harris (UK - mentor)
Busayo Iruemiobe (Nigeria - participant)
Roy-Moses Kalyesubula (Uganda - participant)
Irene Luyiga (Uganda - participant)
Tiro Amina Maikori (Nigeria - participant)
Kenechukwu Obi (Nigeria - participant)
Rachel Ogbu (Nigeria - participant)
Isaac Attah Ogezi (Nigeria - participant)
Olubukola K. Ogunniyi (Nigeria - participant)
Ifesinachi Okoli (Nigeria - participant)
Shonoiki Olanshile (Nigeria - participant)
Amaguru Jackline Olanya (Uganda - participant)
Nancy Oloro Robarts (Uganda - participant)
Rosemary Shimite Erazua-Oniha (Nigeria - participant)
Nwosu Onyebuchi (Nigeria - participant)
Wingate Emmanuel Onyedi (Nigeria - participant)
Julius Caesar Sseremba (Uganda - participant)
Swadchet Sankey (Nigeria - participant)
David Tumusiime (Uganda - participant)
Uzoebo Rachael Uchechi (Nigeria - participant)
Uchechukwu Peter Umezurike (Nigeria - participant)


Patrick Achitabwino (Malawi - participant)
Funke Akiyode (Nigeria - participant)
Lynne Alexandra (UK - mentor)
Marziya Ali (Kenya - participant)
Dinesh Allirajah (UK - mentor)
Josephine Amponsah Nanor (Ghana - participant)
Monica Arac de Nyeko (Uganda - participant)
Ayodele Arigbabu (Nigeria - participant)
Adrian Ashley (Zimbabwe - participant)
Nii Ayikwei Parkes (Ghana - mentor)
Sophie Bamwoyeraki (Uganda - participant)
Ellen Banda - Aaku (Ghana - participant)
Flavia Baralle (UK - participant)
Adrian Baryamujura (Uganda - participant)
Jackee Budesta Batanda (Uganda - participant)
Ebenezer Bifubyeka (Uganda - participant)
Valerie Bloom (UK - mentor)
Maren Bodenstein (South Africa - participant)
Batsirai Easther Chigama (Zimbabwe - participant)
Joyce Chigiya ( - participant)
Adelaide Chikunguru (Zimbabwe - participant)
Becky Ayebia Clarke (UK - mentor)
Hazel Couvaras (Zambia - participant)
Linda Cracknell (UK - mentor)
Angifi P. Dladla (South Africa - participant)
Jane Draycott (UK - mentor)
Okah Ewah Edede (Nigeria - participant)
Menna Elfyn (UK - mentor)
Janna Eliot (UK - mentor)
Charles Fernyhough (UK - mentor)
Toyin Adewale-Gabriel (Nigeria - participant)
Stanley Gazemba (Kenya - participant)
Caroline Gilfillan (UK - mentor)
Martin Goodman (UK - mentor)
Geraldine Green (UK - mentor)
Fiona Groenewald (South Africa - participant)
Dorian Haarhoff (Zambia - participant)
Kamar Hamza (Nigeria - participant)
Kate Horsley (UK - mentor)
Rukayatu Ibrahim (Ghana - participant)
Delia Jarrett - Macauley (UK - mentor)
Liz Jensen (UK - mentor)
Catherine R. Johnson (UK - mentor)
Billy Kahora (Kenya - participant)
Roy-Moses Kalyesubula (Uganda - participant)
Kondwani Kamiyala (Malawi - participant)
Ken Kamoche (Kenya - participant)
Mildred Kiconco Barya (Uganda - participant)
John Lindley (UK - mentor)
Matano Lipuka (Kenya - participant)
Irene Luyiga (Uganda - participant)
Laila Macharia (Kenya - participant)
Phomelelo Machika (South Africa - participant)
Fungai Machirori (Zimbabwe - participant)
Grace Maguri (Zimbabwe - participant)
Siphiwo Mahala (South Africa - participant)
Sara Maitland (UK - mentor)
Napo Masheane (South Africa - participant)
Jonathan Mbuna (Malawi - participant)
Brian McCabe (UK - mentor)
Kath Mckay (UK - mentor)
Chisomo Mdalla (Malawi - participant)
Morton C.J. Mdumuka (Malawi - participant)
Peter Merrington (South Africa - participant)
Patrick Midzi (Zimbabwe - participant)
Christopher Mlalazi (Zimbabwe - mentor)
Samuel Asanga Mokom (Cameroon - participant)
Wame Molefhe (Botswana - participant)
Graham Mort (UK - mentor)
Jordan Tshepo Moruakgomo (Botswana - participant)
Mzana Mthimkhulu (Zimbabwe - participant)
Stephen Mugambi (Kenya - participant)
Fredrick Mulapa (Zambia - participant)
Millie Murray (UK - mentor)
Blessing Musariri (Zimbabwe - participant)
Tinashe Mushakavanhu (Zimbabwe - participant)
Phyllis Muthoni (Kenya - participant)
Ndongolera C. Mwangupili (Malawi - participant)
Paul Mwirigi (Kenya - participant)
Beverley Nambozo (Uganda - participant)
Glaydah Namukasa (Uganda - participant)
Rachel Nandelenga (Uganda - participant)
Angela Ndinda (Kenya - participant)
John Nkemngong Nkengasong (Cameroon - participant)
Justice Novisi Yao Dzitrie (Ghana - participant)
Joel B. Ntwatwa (Uganda - participant)
Olu Obafemi (Nigeria - mentor)
Olubunmi Obasa (Nigeria - participant)
Mordi Ochi (Nigeria - participant)
Steve Ogah (Nigeria - participant)
Tolu Ogunlesi (Nigeria - participant)
Amaguru Jackline Olanya (Uganda - participant)
Nancy Oloro Robarts (Uganda - participant)
Clifford Oluoch (Kenya - participant)
Stanley Onjezani Kenani (Malawi - participant)
Meg Peacocke (UK - mentor)
Zvisinei C. Sandi (Zimbabwe - participant)
Gasebalwe Seretse (South Africa - participant)
Greshom Sichinga (Malawi - participant)
Mwikisa Teddy Sinyinda (Zambia - participant)
Julius Caesar Sseremba (Uganda - participant)
Veronique Tadjo (South Africa - participant)
Ngetich Tesot (Kenya - participant)
Chaltone Tshabangu (Zimbabwe - participant)
David Tumusiime (Uganda - participant)
Odili Ujubuonu (Nigeria - participant)
Steven Waling (UK - mentor)
Keelie Walker (UK - mentor)
Michelene Wandor (UK - mentor)
Beth Webb (UK - mentor)
Michael Wherly (UK - mentor)
Kabura Zakama (Nigeria - participant)
Agatha Mwila Zaza (Zambia - participant)