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Trans-Scriptions is a seminar series established to bring together creative writers and academics to explore issues of writing, culture and location.  So far, the series has included a range of readings, talks and conferences:

  • Retrospection
    07-12-05: talks by critics and readings by writers at the Storey Institute.
  • Anticipation
    15-03-06: writers, academics & publishers in dialogue at the Storey Institute.
  • Creative-critical Synergies
    27-02-09: cross-disciplinary exchanges
    between members of the Centre.

writing . culture . location

 Once we accept the actual configuration of literary experiences overlapping with one another and interdependent, despite national boundaries and coercively legislated national autonomies, history and geography are transfigured in new maps, in new and far less stable entities, in new types of locations. Exile, far from being the fate of nearly forgotten unfortunates who are dispossessed and expatriated, becomes something closer to a norm, an experience of crossing boundaries and charting new territories in defiance of the classic canonical enclosures…

Edward Said


  • Open Day Featuring David Dabydeen  31-05-07: author David Dabydeen was the main speaker at this all-day event inaugurating the Centre[…]
  • Migration, Memory & Mood 01-05-08: a writer, a sociologist and an artist/filmmaker discussed migration, memory and mood in ‘multicultural’ Britain[…]
  • Regarding War: Image/Text 18-06-09: a photographer, a filmmaker and a writer and a critic discussed conflict, displacement and alienation[…]
  •  Africa: Cultural Translations 21/22-05-10: two-day conference organised by Lancaster University African Studies Group[…]

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