Translation Projects

Our featured translation projects are Crossing Borders Writers Translated into Italian and Sing Like a River.  Crossing Borders Writers Translated into Italian consists of stories written by Crossing Borders writers and translated into Italian.  These stories are republished from Buràn and Bibliomanie and include work by Stephen Mugambi, Blessing Musariri, Tolu Ogunlesi and Ifeanyi Ajaegbo, Ken Kamoche and Wame Molefhe. Read them here.

Sing Like A River emerged from a performance poetry workshop that Graham Mort ran at the Beyond Borders festival in Kampala in October 2005. Over a period of three one-hour sessions, a group of African writers took part in a process designed to produce a collaborative work, which began life in a number of languages – Arabic, Sepedi, English, French, Afrikaans, Luganda, Kiswahili – before being translated into English. The poem was performed at the festival and subsequently translated into Sepedi by Phomelelo Machika (‘Opela Bjalo Ka Noka’), Afrikaans by Henning Pieterse (‘Sing Soos ‘n Rivier’) and Luganda by Susan Kiguli (‘Yira Ng’o Mugga’).” You can read and listen to them here.

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