African Poetry Chatroom

African Poetry Chatroom is a blog displaying mbizotheblackpoet news profiles, articles, poetry, perfomance, photos and discussions and as well his links with international, local and regional media. The poetry articulate a number of issues from political, social and cultural matters.


African Writers Abroad

The African Writers Abroad Centre of International PEN (the world association of writers), is a membership organisation for writers of African descent who live outside the continent.

African Writers Trust

Established in 2009, African Writers Trust is a non-profit entity which seeks to coordinate and bring together African writers in the Diaspora and writers on the continent to promote sharing of skills and other resources, and to foster knowledge and learning between the two groups. AWT is governed by an Advisory Board and administered by the Director. It is assisted by a working group and volunteers. It is operational in London, United Kingdom and in Kampala, Uganda, where it’s registered as a company limited by guarantee. AWT’s activities and programmes are sponsored through donor funding, friends, philanthropists and supporters of African writing.


Asymptote is an exciting new international journal dedicated to literary translation and bringing together in one place the best in contemporary writing. We are interested in encounters between languages and the consequences of these encounters. Though a translation may never fully replicate the original in effect (thus our name, “asymptote”: the dotted line on a graph that a mathematical function may tend towards but never reach), it is in itself an act of creation.

British Council Literature

Promotes contemporary and innovative literature and creative writing from the UK to audiences around the world through the British Council’s global network. In 2004 the department is working with more than 400 authors and academics in over 70 countries as part of showcases, workshops, festivals, conferences, tours, residencies and virtual projects. The department works extensively with artists and cultural organisations, building skills, capacity and cultural awareness, creating access to audiences and markets, and promoting international collaboration and creative exchange. Features Crossing

British Council – Literature Matters

Literature Matters the British Council Literature team’s newsletter that became an e-zine in January 2004. It is now published online twice a year with news about British Council events and publications including articles and interviews with authors. The latest issue is now live online.

British Council Main Website

The British Council’s home page. It is here that you can access information on learning, arts and culture, science, society and current development projects. In the Arts and Culture section you will find information on music, drama, dance, film and digital projects, literature and art, architecture and design. In the Literature section you will find further information on the Crossing Borders project.

Centre for Medical Humanities

Centre for Medical HumanitiesThe Centre for Medical Humanities addresses an emerging field of enquiry in which humanities and social sciences perspectives are brought to bear upon an an exploration of the human side of medicine.  The Centre has funding support from the Wellcome Trust as well as other funders for specific projects. These perspectives have a key role to play in analysing our expectations of medicine, and the relationship between medicine and our broader ideas of health, well-being and flourishing. The Centre for Medical Humanities has an active community of post-graduates, a University wide network of affiliate academics and a vibrant programme of seminars public engagement events and it also supports Visiting Fellows.

Edinburgh Review

Scotland’s leading journal of ideas, the Edinburgh Review publishes essays, short fiction, poetry and reviews aimed at an educated reading public with an interest in critical thought.  Since its inception in 1802, the magazine has balanced a strong Scottish focus with a keen interest in international intellectual currents.

Faiz Centenary Celebration 2011

This website is dedicated to the memory of one of the greatest poets of twentieth century.  Faiz’s poems and writings, even today, represent an unflinching resistance to oppression and imperialism. Like Nazim Hikmat, Kazi Nazrurul Islam, Pablo Neruda and Mahmoud Darwish, Faiz’s poetry transcends geographical boundaries; and is timeless.

Apart from a being great poet, Faiz edited several journals and newspapers, reflected on cultural issues, penned film scripts and documentaries. He represented an unwavering revolutionary believe in the capacity and determination of oppressed people to fight and defeat tyranny.By paying our tribute to Faiz, we are re-affirming our continued commitment to fight against injustice and oppression.

This website is a vehicle to provide details of many celebratory events in various countries. Please contribute information, articles, photographs and other material to be included in the website.

Free Word Centre

“Free Word is where reading, writing and free speech come together; a dynamic production house for literature, politics and ideas. Located in the heart of London but with an international outlook, the Free Word Centre is home to nine resident organisations and over 25 associates working across literature, literacy and free expression. Free Word offers flexible meeting space and a lively café. A hub for innovation, collaboration and activism, Free Word runs a diverse programme of events, lectures and performances. We encourage debate and discussion across the worlds of culture and politics, committed to promoting openness, community and intellectual enquiry in a rapidly changing world.”

Girl Child Creativity

Girl child creativity is a project designed to mitigate underrepresentation and unbalanced participation of young female writers/poets in areas of creative writing ,literature,literacy and poetry perfomances development , it further enhances the ability of the girlchild to develop herself mentally, the motto is freedom of mental media air waves for cummunity development , a creative nation is a developed nation.


Kalahari Peoples Network

Kalahari Peoples Network provides a virtual space for networking and exchange of information among contemporary Kalahari communities and individuals throughout Southern Africa. On it, the San and other indigenous Kalahari dwellers speak in their own voices to each other and to interested people outside their communities. For almost 200 years, information about Kalahari peoples came only from anthropologists, linguists, archaeologists, settlers and others who encountered Southern Africa’s indigenous peoples during the times of colonization.

On, remote communities can speak to each other and dialogue with the outside world on all facets of their cultures. Future cultural events and training opportunities can be posted and discussions can be held about local and world issues that impact San lives. Finally, this site also provides a resource for educators and students around the world who wish to access reliable information about the Kalahari and its peoples.


Koroga is another African story, a story of what we see and how we see, of meetings and transformations, of looking and seeing, of seeing and writing, of speaking into being the worlds we know, and those we are always imagining.


Founded by Kenyan writers, Kwani is a literary online journal providing a forum for writers to explore Kenyan identity. Also has a discussions page, reviews of current African literature, articles and a calendar of current events taking place in Africa and the UK.

Lancaster University, Faculty of Health and Medicine


The Centre is building links with Lancaster University’s Faculty of Health and Medicine, which is working to build international relationships through their visits to Uganda.  Here, for example, is a link to a recent post by Clinical Psychologist, Jenny Davies: “In January this year I was lucky enough to get on a plane destined for Uganda…My mission was to explore the potential opportunities for developing international links. I lived and worked in Uganda fifteen years ago so this journey had particular meaning for me and I was curious to see if and how things had changed…” Read Jenny’s post at:

For more on the Uganda link of the Faculty of Health and Medicine, see

Moving Worlds: A Journal of Transcultural Writing

“Moving Worlds is a biannual international magazine, and is a forum for creative work as well as criticism, literary as well as visual texts. Each issue highlights a particular theme and also carries material of general interest. The journal is internationally refereed and is published by Moving Worlds at the School of English, University of Leeds, UK.”

New Europe Writers: Your Guide to Life Behind the Curtain

New Europe Writers began in a café on Nowogrodzska where a Canadian-Polish journalist, with a connection to Radio Free Europe, ran a café as a cover for his catering business.

Open to the needs of the scribbler, Stash owned the only bar not to close when the G-whiz summit boarded-out the centre of town ahead of the global protesters. ‘Come and have a drink after the riot’ was painted across the plate glass.

There were no riots. But a poet, a playwright and a writer went and had a drink anyway. And what emerged was a creative partnership which continues to grow.


 Poems for…

Poems for… supplies small poem-posters for public display – in class rooms, libraries, waiting rooms …

Poems for… used to be calledPoems for the Waiting Room. But since 2004, we have been producing bilingual poems in acknowledgement and celebration of the nation’s diversity and this has lengthened the project’s reach. The poem-posters remain applicable to healthcare venues and continue to enrich many of them. But they are now going further afield as well – to embassies, schools, libraries…

Poems for…is one of several ideas and initiatives promoted by the charity Hyphen-21

The project worker for Poems for… is Rogan Wolf, who did the writing for this site.”


Poetry International

Poetry International Web is a worldwide forum for poetry on the internet. PIW brings you news, essays, interviews and discussion, but, first and foremost, hundreds of poems by acclaimed modern poets from all around the world, both in the original language and in English translation.


Poetry Kit

Poetry Kit is a major resource site designed to help new and developing poets by providing a single source of information and discussion on the craft of writing poetry.


A literary magazine for new writing.


NEW: A new issue of Shipwrights is now online at:

Shipwrights is Malmö University’s new English language creative writing and literary review. The online magazine’s broadest goal is to publish the best new writing available in the genres of fiction, poetry, and creative nonfiction. More specifically, the review’s mission is to provide a new writing outlet for the global second-language English writing community. As the number of second-language English speakers (and writers) in the world increases exponentially, the journal intends to be a showcase for English writing from the new “edges” of the English-speaking world, the non-Anglophone territories.

Shipwrights will be the home of the annual Conrad-Nabokov Prize, awarded to the most promising second-language English writer of fiction or poetry who submits work each year. The journal will also feature a commentary section that will include critical writing on issues important to the journal’s profile, such as second-language writing, migration, globalization, and cultural theory.

Shipwrights will be published online each spring and fall. The inaugural issue will appear in March 2008. More information, including detailed instructions on how to submit work, can be found Questions and comments about Shipwrights should be sent Issue # 1 of Shipwrights is now online!  The editors are accepting submissions for the autumn issue through June 15th. See the site for details.

Stepping Stones Nigeria

SSN is a UK-based charity with a passion for defending and upholding the rights of children in the Niger Delta region. Our work with Nigerian partner organisations saves and transforms the lives of vulnerable and stigmatised children; provides outstanding levels of education and significantly raises literacy levels of less privileged children. Through advocacy and campaigning we promote a greater understanding of child rights and aim to prevent the abuse of children today. Visit Stepping Stones Nigeria.

The Caine Prize

The Caine Prize for African Writers is an annual award for a short story by an African writer published in English anywhere in the world. This site also has information on creative writing workshops that are taking place throughout Africa, and links to other sites of interest to African

The Macmillan Writer’s Prize for Africa

The prize takes place every two years and its aim is to promote and celebrate unpublished African writing.

The Ofi Press

The Ofi Press is an online magazine based in Mexico where I publish young Mexican poets alongside international writers. Every month we will publish up to 2 short stories, up to 5 poems and either a piece of non-fiction or interview with a writer. We publish high quality work from writers of all nationalities however we are particularly interested in submissions from young Mexican writers.

The Poetry Society

The Poetry Society is a dynamic arts organisation that exists to help poets and poetry to thrive in the UK. This site offers information on publications, competitions, events and projects, and also specialist advice and information.

The Sankofa Center for African Dance & Culture

The mission of The Sankofa Center for African Dance & Culture is to utilize traditional African dance, music, and drama to preventatively educate youths & adults about HIV/AIDS, and provide free counseling, rapid HIV/AIDS testing, & life-saving drugs for people living with HIV/AIDS. We strive to use the realms of the arts as a tool to foster open communication, accurate knowledge, and promote healthy behavior change to protect, empower, and bring togetherness to our human family in the face of this world-wide disease. UCLA has been a great supporter of The Sankofa Center’s arts-based HIV/AIDS education & prevention volunteer program. However, non-UCLA students , residents of Canada, United Kingdom, Germany, and all others from our international community can also learn more about out volunteer opportunities in Africa. See our News & Events and click here to download the press release containing further details of this exciting internship.


A literary magazine and publisher.

Writers Of Zimbabwe

This website was designed to promote writing in Zimbabwe and to give Zimbabwean writers a platform to come together and share experiences.

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