Open Day Featuring David Dabydeen

Critic, writer and novelist David Dabydeen was the main speaker at this all-day event, part of the Trans-Scriptions seminar series (2006-07), which has brought together creative writers and academics to explore issues of writing, culture and location. Trans-Scriptions is part of a widening panorama of research projects that are focused in regions as geographically and culturally diverse as the UK and Africa, and our May Open Day inaugurated the Centre for Transcultural Writing and Research and showcased the work done on such related project as Crossing Borders, Radiophonics and Moving Manchester.


1.00 – 5.30
open session, website available on computers, displays, online discussion UK/Uganda; screenings of Tsotsi and A Taste of Honey in MR 3
5.30 – 6.00
drinks served in foyer
6.00 – 7.30
David Dabydeen reading and panel discussion