How the experience of migration has informed the work of writers in Greater Manchester from 1960 to the present.
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  • Pearce, Lynne, Crawshaw Robert and Fowler, Corinne (co-authors) (2013), Postcolonial Manchester: Diaspora Space and the Devolution of Literary Culture (Manchester: Manchester University Press), pp.xxiv + 326.
  • Pearce, Lynne (ed.) (2012). Special issue of Interventions (on ‘Cinemas of Displacement and Destitution’), vol.14 (3). Includes 5 articles and an introduction originating in the ‘Glocal Imaginaries’ conference.
  • Pearce, Lynne (2012), 'The Literary Response to Moss Side, Manchester: Fact or (Genre) Fiction’, in The Literary North [book], ed. Katharine Cockin (London: Macmillan Palgrave), pp. 357-83.
  • Pearce, Lynne (ed) (February 2012). Special issue of Mobilties on ‘The Urban Imaginary’. Features four articles coming out of the Glocal Imaginaries project plus one new one by Lynne Pearce on ‘Automobility in Manchester Fiction’. 
  • Pearce, Lynne and O’Neill, Maggie (eds.) (August 2011). Special issue of Crossings: Journal of Migration and Culture on ‘The Arts of Migration: Art, Politics and Participatory Action Research’. Includes six articles arising out of the Glocal Imaginaries conference and an editorial by Pearce and O’Neill, Vol. 2 (1).
  • Moore, Lindsey (ed.) (Summer 2011). Special issue of Postcolonial Text on the theme of ‘Glocal Imaginaries’. Features 6 articles originating in the 2009 conference and an editorial by Lindsey Moore. See
  • Pearce, Lynne and Woodward, Kath (May 2011). Special issue of M/C Journal: Journal of Media and Culture, ‘Diasporas’. See This special issue originates in the ‘Glocal Imaginaries’ conference and features eight articles on the theme of ‘networked disaporas’. Includes editorial by Lynne Pearce.
  • Balasubramanyam, Rajeev (2010), The Dreamer (India: Harper Collins).
  • Pearce, Lynne (2010), 'Beyond Redemption? Mobilizing Affect in Feminist Reading' in Disturbing Differences: Working with Affect in Feminist Readings. Ed Marianne Liljestrom and Susana Paasonen (London and New York: Routledge).
  • Moore, Lindsey (ed.) (2010). Symposium on ‘Glocal Diasporas’ in The Journal of Commonwealth Literature. This symposium issue originates in the ‘Glocal Imaginaries’ conference and features four articles coming out of the conference.
  • Pearce, Lynne and Wodak, Ruth (February 2010). Special Issue of European Journal of Cultural Studies on ‘The Construction of Regional Identity in Europe and Beyond', Vol.13 (1). Includes editorial and chapter by Lynne Pearce (see below).
  • Pearce, Lynne (2010), ‘”Writing” and “Region” in the 21st Century: Epistemological Reflections on Regionally-located Art and Literature in the Wake of the Digitial Revolution’, in special issue of European Journal of Cultural Studies, ‘The Construction of Regional Identity in England an Beyond’, ed. Lynne Pearce and Ruth Wodak, Vol. 13 (1), 27-41.
  • Amaye, Muli, De Mello, Martin and Fowler, Corinne (2009), Migration Stories [new fiction sponsored by the ‘Moving Manchester’ project] (Manchester: Crocus Press).
  • Fowler, Corinne and Mort, Graham (2009). Special issue of Moving Worlds, ‘Region/Writing/Home’, Vol. 9 (2). This special issue includes 7 academic articles and 9 creative pieces of poetry and prose including the Moving Manchester ‘New Writing Commission’ by John Siddique.
  • Crawshaw, Robert and Fowler, Corinne (November 2008) 'Articulation, Imagined Space and Virtual Mobility in Literary Narratives of Migration', Mobilities, Vol 3, No 3, 455-469.
  • Fowler, Corinne (September 2008) 'A Tale of Two Novels: Devolving Black British Writing', Journal of Commonwealth Literature, 43:3.
  • Crawshaw, Robert and Fowler, Corinne (January 2008) 'Migration and imagined space in Joe Pemberton's Forever and Ever Amen' in K Korhonen (ed) History and Theory Protocols, Telaviv.
  • Fowler, Corinne and Mort, Graham (2007) 'The return of the author: developing effective modes of collaboration between writing practitioners and analytical theorists', International Journal of the Arts in Society, Melbourne, Common Ground Publishing.
  • Pearce, Lynne (2007) 'Women Writers and the Elusive Urban Sublime: The View from Manchester, England', Contemporary Woman Writers (Oxford University Press) 1 (80-97).
  • Fowler, Corinne and Pearce, Lynne (2006) 'Moving Manchester: relocating diaspora research', International Journal of the Humanities, Melbourne (electronic journal).
  • Mehmood, Tariq (2006) Courageous Ali and the Heartless King, (Manchester:Satchel Press).



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