How Uganda’s female writers found their voice

Beatrice Lamwaka, Ugandan authorBeeatrice Lamwaka, one of the earliest Crossing Borders participants, has been featured in an Observer article, “How Uganda’s female writers found their voice,” by Elizabeth Day, 26th May 2013, recounting how “a pioneering foundation called Femwrite has helped a new generation of Ugandan women tell – or at least record – often harrowing stories of daily life in the country”: “Lamwaka, 35, is one of a new wave of Ugandan fiction writers. Her work has been published in several anthologies and she has been nominated for several international prizes. The tale of her brother’s abduction inspired a powerful short story called “Butterfly Dreams”, in which a young girl is abducted by the LRA: ‘You caressed your scars as if to tell us what you went through,’ Lamwaka writes. ‘We did not ask questions.’ Lamwaka says she has only had the confidence to turn her experiences into fiction because of the pioneering work of Femrite, an NGO established in Uganda in 1995 to promote and publish women’s writing…”  Read the article in full.