Italian Translations

Crossing Borders Writers translated into Italian

Several Crossing Borders writers have recently been translated into Italian and web published by online magazines. Stephen Mugambi (“The Hand of God”), Blessing Musariri (“Tichafataona Sleeps”), Tolu Ogunlesi (“The Baby Who Didn’t Stop Crying”) and Ifeanyi Ajaegbo (“Coming Home”) have all been published by a new web magazine called Buràn.

Buràn hosts writers from every part of the world, aiming to show what they call “Invisible Writing” – stories that Italian readers are usually not able to read because of the language or because they are “fading away into the great ocean of the web”.

Two other Crossing Borders writers, Ken Kamoche (“True Warriors”) and Wame Molefhe (‘Where is the Rain?’), have now had stories published in translation by Bibliomanie (


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