Capturing Witches


The Departments of English & Creative Writing and European Languages & Cultures


2012 will mark the 400th anniversary of the trial and execution of the Lancashire Witches. This interdisciplinary conference uses the Lancashire witches as a focal point to engage with wider questions about witchcraft, and in particular how witchcraft is theorised and represented in and through history and across cultures.

PLEASE NOTE: The  Capturing Witches Conference will not be able to issue refunds requested after 12 noon, Tuesday 24 July 2012.

Registration:  From 15th August, our online registration form will no longer be available.  Should anyone wish to register after this date, please go directly to the Lancaster University online payment facility.  The Conference organisers will receive notification of your payment.

The Capturing Witches Conference Tour, Sunday 19th August, departing from campus 12.30 pm:  please see

Bursaries:  A small number of bursaries will be made available from the Lancaster University Friends Programme to support postgraduate students and independent speakers wishing to participate in the Capturing Witches conference.  To make an application, you are asked to present your case for a bursary (no more than 1 side of A4). In addition, postgraduates must provide a supporting letter from their supervisor outlining their funding status and any financial assistance they will receive towards attending the conference. Independent speakers (i.e. those not affiliated to an academic institution) should where possible provide evidence that they are not in receipt of funding from other sources. Applications for bursaries must be submitted by 5pm on Monday 2 July to Anne Stewart-Whalley, Department of English and Creative Writing, County College, Lancaster University LA1 4YD or by e mail to  We will let you know whether your application has been successful in the following week.

The Conference Team:   Charlotte BakerAlison FindlayLiz Oakley-BrownCatherine Spooner

Contact us:  Conference Organisers – Charlotte Baker, Alison Findlay, Liz Oakley-Brown, Catherine Spooner;  Conference Secretary – Anne Stewart-Whalley, Department of English & Creative Writing, Lancaster University, LA1 4YD, Tel. O1524 592129, Fax: 01524 594247, email:

Stepping Stones Nigeria

The charity, Stepping Stones Nigeria, is participating in Capturing Witches as part of their effort to publicize the plight of ‘Child Witches’ in Nigeria.

An increasing number of children in the Niger Delta are being forced to the streets and trafficked as a result of a deeply held belief in child ‘witches’ and also due to persistent violent conflicts, poverty, abuse, torture, rape, or being orphaned by HIV/AIDS.  Stepping Stones Nigeria does not believe that children can be ‘witches’. However, Stepping Stones Nigeria acknowledges the right of individuals to hold this belief on the condition that this does not lead to the abuse of child rights as outlined in the United Nations Convention on the Rights of the Child (UNCRC) [Read more…]

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