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Lindah Niwenyesiga




I am Lindah Niwenyesiga, a Ugandan, born in Kenya, but raised in Uganda. I am currently living in Kampala, the capital city. I went to Makerere University and graduated with a bachelors degree in Mass Communication in 2009. While at University, I was a freelance writer with The New Vision, basically writing feature stories. I also owned a poetry blog ( .

After completing University, I worked with Baroque Publishers Ltd as a Sub Editor. Working with a book publishing firm helped me to appreciate Uganda’s literally works as well as interacting with various writers. I am currently working as an Assistant Editor-Magazines with The Monitor Publications Ltd.

I am a member of FEMRITE, Uganda’s female writers’ association I have published five poems in different FEMRITE anthologies. I write poetry, short fiction and feature stories. In 2008, I emerged the best in poetry during the National Book Trust of Uganda (Nabotu) literally awards. I also emerged the best young professional under the Generating Opportunities for Leadership and professional Development (GOLD) programme.


Creative Work


Family Affair

The sun rises and sets on Jumba

As he pounds deep into the ground

To sow seeds that he will reap from

He lifts a hoe above his head

And the ribs protrude from his weary flesh

Showing nothing but his aging frame

Sweat drips from his forehead

And flows onto the ground

Before the same sun could dry it up

He puts the tool on his back at dusk

And heads home stretch his

As he awaits the harvest season

That will keep his children in school

"For that is where my future lies

A better and brighter future.”




Time check, 11p.m and contractions heighten

She feels a heavy and painful load on her shoulders and back

With trembling hands, she helplessly traces for a lantern

As she stumbles through the dark and falls on her knees

She has no helping hand

For her better half has gone for his usual night duties- on a drinking spree

Suddenly, blood splashes on the ground as she screams for help

She calls out neighbours from the mountain across

But her wails vanish through the wind

Two hours later, her body lies next to the door

Two lives lost in two hours  


Earning Easy


An alarm echoes in his dream

Yawning and stretching, he arises
Great hopes liven him up
Looking forward to a fruitful day

He leaves the house
To go to work
To earn a pay
With a perquisite

He sets his foot onto the entrance
Says a few hellos and proceeds
Jealously guarding time in the elevator
Then storms off to the fifth floor

He reaches his second haven
flips though the daily papers
Reads and responds to mails
For coffee and lunch are in the house

Onto a sleek table
He marks the present date
Makes calls for the day’s plan
Then calls it a day




She walks through the lit hallway
Holding a banquet of lilies
And passes by the chanting crowd
That livens up her beaming face
Though her heart is pouncing
She parades along the altar

With the rest of the spruced up entourage

She glances at her once betrothed man
Their eyes rhythmically meet
With too much to say, too little too late

For he has a marriage certificate to sign
And she will find a perfect catch
To take her for a wife




There she stands –
legs ajar and arm akimbo,   
a cigarette warming her tongue   

smoke fogging her eyes,

and warming her misty hair.


A black and silver cross

trickles between her breasts,  

a black leather dress  

embraces her skinny, tired body

that stands on the same spot.  


‘Beep, beep,’ a car hoots,   

she cat-walks to meet the ‘man of the night’

He smacks her bottom twice        

and pushes her away.

She stumbles in high heels        

but steadily straightens

gazing at the fading headlights

before wiping a tear from her left cheek

and standing hopefully

on her spot




The five poems reflect on different aspects. Family affair conveys the harsh life a father has as he works the land from sunrise to sundown hoping that his children might have a better life.  It is a very honourable and selfless act – he almost gives his life for his children.


Motherhood subtly shows the loneliness of a pregnant woman who is isolated in a small house in the mountain. It portrays the irresponsibility of his husband who buries his hopes and sorrows in liquor. The climax is the death of both the mother and her unborn child. Earning easy basically highlights what happens in public service offices. Most of these people earn a lot of money but they don’t work for it. That is why most youths who want to grow professionally are discouraged to take on such jobs.


Broken is about two people who were once soul mates but due to certain circumstances, they had to end their relationship. The groom is wedding another woman and his ex is one of the bridesmaids! At this moment, they have to put their differences aside because each one has a certain role to play. Namazzi  is about a female prostitute who stands buy the roadside every night to trade her body.



Short Stories

Sacrilege, Beyond the Dance anthology, FEMRITE Publications Ltd, 2009
The Plea, Farming Ashes anthology, FEMRITE Publications Ltd, 2009
Death in Innocence
Temptation in Church
The Coffin Seller, Talking Tales anthology, FEMRITE Publications Ltd, 2009
Street Breed (Awaiting publication)

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