Welcome to the GRASSROUTES Writers' Gallery. The Gallery is edited by Corinne Fowler (University of Leicester) and designed by Kate Horsley (Lancaster University). The GRASSROUTES Gallery was devised as a companion gallery to the Moving Manchester Writers' Gallery and conceived as a series of original creative works by writers living in Leicestershire. Each author page is accompanied by the profile and the reflections of its authors on the genesis of the writing in relation to Leicestershire and their experiences there.

Once complete, the Gallery will also contain the Grassroutes commission a 1000 award for a new work in writing relating to transcultural Leicestershire. The commission was awarded to Anita Sivakumaran and it will be completed by the summer of 2012.

The GRASSROUTES project is designed to foster local, national and international appreciation as well as critical recognition - for the best of Leicestershire's writing. The writers featured here have all been previously published and their writing has been identified as being of consistently high quality with a substantial transcultural dimension.

Once all the entries have been received, the Gallery will contain 50 author pages.

Writers' Gallery