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David Roberts writes short stories and essays. He was winner or runner-up in three BBC short story competitions. He has also written more than a hundred and twenty articles as editor of a psychology journal named Psyche.
Writing, psychology and photography are David's prime interests. Combining these with a management career meant that he had to sacrifice enjoyable domestic tasks such as decorating and unblocking drains. But he has somehow found time for crosswords, photography and reading. David was Visiting Tutor at Bradford University, for ten years and he has worked as a management consultant since the early 1990s. He has an MA in Writing at Nottingham Trent University.

Creative Work

'Romance in Romania' from What More Can I Say?

A wedding reception was in full swing in our little hotel in Northern Romania. Dancers old and young whirled to folk music, skirts flying, whisking round and round. Mike and I headed for the bar. A video camera zoomed in on us and we were greeted like celebrities, handed champagne and kissed on both cheeks in true Romanian fashion.

We protested that we were not guests. But they photographed us with the bride and groom and so we drank their health. Two brandies later, an elderly wedding guest insisted on dancing with me. Cadaverous and well into his seventies he had high cheekbones and grey hair. His gaunt face was alive with mischief and delight. I took my first and only polka steps then I waspishly told Mike that a general-excuse-me had just been issued and he had to perform. “It would be rude not to,” I whispered. Recognising Mike as the better prospect, my Romanian dance partner grabbed him by the waist and Polkered him away. He span Mike around for a few moments then produced a bottle of vodka, pouring us each half a tumbler full.

We left for our bedrooms and shook hands, grasping the calloused hands of a man used to hard manual labour. We staggered off. It was my birthday. In this remote corner of Romania on a cold November night, these friendly people had wanted us to share in their family celebration. All had delighted in the unfamiliarity of the situation, and in each other’s language, which neither party could understand.


There are no foreign lands. It is the traveller only who is foreign.”
Robert Louis Stevenson

This is an excerpt from my forthcoming book What More Can I Say?, which is a sequel to my 2009 book, I Didn't Come Here to Argue. The book is a collection of pieces written over many years.

I was persuaded by a colleague to work with him in Romania. We initially worked with a charity that helped cancer survivors, and later, we sought work in industry and commerce. This took us all over Romania – Bucharest, Timisoara, through the Carpathian Mountains to Dracula country in Transylvania. We tried to get into Ukraine but were thwarted by a female border guard toting a gun. Then we drove back to the hotel featured in this piece. It seemed a long way from home. Home? I came to the Midlands in the 70s and have found it welcoming to someone born in London. It is here that I have found my ‘authorial voice’ - through local writers’ clubs, and university tutorials certainly – but most of all through living and working in Leicestershire.


Short Stories
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1995 – 2010 articles, Psyche, Journal of the Psychometrics Forum
The Cricket Coach’s Guide To Man Management, Nottingham University Press, 2000
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I Didn’t Come Here To Argue, collection of journalism articles, David Roberts, 2009
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Sense Of Duty, Writing Magazine (competition winner June 2012, publication forthcoming)
What More Can I Say?, 2013 (in preparation)



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