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Cathy Mansell


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Cathy Mansell writes Romantic fiction. Her recently written novels are set in her home country of Ireland.  Her second book, Her Father’s Daughter closely explores her affinities with Dublin and Leicester.  Her children’s stories are frequently broadcast on local radio and she also writes newspaper and magazine articles. Cathy has lived in Leicester for fifty years. She belongs to Leicester Writers’ Club and edited an Arts Council-funded anthology of work by Lutterworth Writers of which she is


Creative Work

Shadow Across the Liffey
2013 RNA Joan Hessayon Award Finalist

Sean walked blindly on, with no idea where he was going or what he should do. By now, the rain had soaked through his jacket and was dripping down his legs into his shoes. Being out at night in a strange place frightened him. He passed no-one and the further he walked, the more frightened he became. He wished he was at home with his family instead of wandering the streets of Manchester with no money and an empty stomach. His mouth felt dry and he ran his tongue around his cracked lips.
Confused, he slowed down to get his bearings. Was he on the right road to Old Trafford? He couldn’t be sure. It was growing dark and the streets were desolate. He glanced furtively over his shoulder, jumping nervously when he heard a dog bark. One or two cars sloshed past, and a half-empty bus. The shops were shut and, with nowhere to shelter, he feared he wouldn’t make it. 
He missed Tommy and the company of his school pals. Dripping from the rain, he took cover underneath a railway bridge and crouched down, holding his stomach. He decided to stay there for the night. At least he would be out of the rain. Holding his head, he cried.  Suddenly a noise echoed. He jerked upright and caught his breath. It was a mournful sound, like someone or something in pain. Frightened, he jumped to his feet, peering through the darkness. When he heard it again, he gulped nervously. Clinging to the wall, he edged along until he stumbled over a slight figure propped up against the side of the bridge. Sean squatted down close.







Galway Girl contracted by Tirgearr Publishing
Shadow across the Liffey, Tirgearr Publishing, Feb 2013 (e-book), 2014 (paperback): a 2013 finalist for the Romantic Novelists’ Association’s Joan Hessayon Award
Her Father’s Daughter, Tirgearr Publishing, June 2013 (e-book), 2014 (paperback)
The Bushy Tails, Coventry Hospital Radio, 2012
Peatling Magna’s Nostalgic Recipes, Group publication, 2011
An Opportunity , The Speaker Magazine, 2008
Lutterworth Writers Anthology, editor, 2007
Shining Star ,Yours Magazine, 2007
Love at First Sight, Yours Magazine, Christmas Special,2007
High Jinks, Yours Magazine , 2005
A Man of Peace Came Among Us, Nuneaton Evening Telegraph, 2004
Back to Work, My Weekly, 2003
Money Means Power, Soapbox ,Yours Magazine, 1998
I Miss My Best Friend, Woman’s Way, 1997
I’ll Never Forget Your Courage ,Woman’s Own, 1995
A Road by Any Other Name, Lutterworth Gazette, 1995
Child Wars, Divorce Magazine, 1995
I Couldn’t Admit He Died, Woman’s Way, Ireland, 1992



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