Radiophonics, October 2006 - May 2008

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‘Radiophonics’ is a British Council-funded literature development project designed and led by Dr. Graham Mort from the Department of English & Creative writing and the Centre for Transcultural Writing and Research. 'Radiophonics' is specifically designed to the develop new writing for radio in order to stimulate public debate relating to the issues of democracy, social inclusion, corruption in public administration, and free speech. The project was piloted in Uganda, but will be fully developed in Nigeria.

The Pilot Project:  Graham visited Uganda in October and November 2006 where he ran workshops with young Ugandan writers and worked with Faith Kinani and Ben Mwine to produce a short story series for radio entitled ‘Under the Sun’, which was broadcast on Sanyu FM in Kampala. Each broadcast used an interactive format, stimulating debate and discussion around each story with invited studio guests. Members of the public were able to participate via a phone-in facility.

In the pilot project, eight Ugandan writers - Adrian Baryamujura, Ebenezer Bifubyeka, Irene Luyiga, Jackie Olanya, Nancy Oloro Robarts, Roy-Moses Kalyesubula, Julius Caesar Sseremba, and David Tumusiime - all Crossing Borders alumni, were involved in the scheme. They are pictured visiting the Sanyu FM radio station with Graham Mort.


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Development 2007-08:  In November 2007 the scheme was extended to an educational phase. This led to training workshops involving teachers from 17 secondary schools in and around Kampala. Graham led the workshops and designed and wrote teaching materials for use in schools. Following workshops in schools led by the teachers themselves, it is intended to mount a writing competition to broadcast the best three short stories.

In March 2008, Graham led a group of UK-based writers (Mike Harris, Simon Brett and Biyi Bandele) to initiate the first phase of the ‘Radiophonics’ project in Nigeria. 48 writers took part in workshops in Abuja, Lagos, Enuga and Kano each workshop producing a portfolio of new writing for radio.

In May 2008 feedback from the workshops will be used to plan collaboration with a Nigerian broadcast partner and to develop the project over a three-year period.


Writing workshops in Abuja, Nigeria, March 2008


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