Postgraduate Study at Lancaster


The members of the Centre for Transcultural Writing and Research believe in a research community that includes postgraduate students as well as members of staff. Several departments within the Faculty offer postgraduate teaching that has a strong intercultural dimension, recruiting students from very diverse cultural backgrounds, and their research connects to a panorama of writings linking issues of location, migration, diaspora and intercultural exchange. We want to encourage applications from students at both MA and PhD level. For more information on postgraduate study in Creative Writing, see Lancaster’s Department of English & Creative Writing website.

Watch ‘Writing Without Borders’, a short YouTube film about our postgraduate distance learning programmes and our international student community.

The Department of English & Creative Writing is increasingly the focus of teaching activity, action research and interdisciplinary academic research in the field of international writing. We offer:
• The freedom to work in your chosen literary form with a strong personal connection to your tutors.
• A challenging, disciplined, and innovative learning environment with strong UK and international connections.
• Expert individual or small-group tuition delivered by experienced tutors in an atmosphere of mutual support and enquiry.
• A Residential Course at a leading writing centre (campus MA); a Summer School at the University (DLMA).
• Visits from industry professionals, including writers, editors and publishers.


What Our Students Say

  • “The Creative Writing PhD at Lancaster has offered me a fantastic opportunity to explore the craft and context of my writing in depth. The apotheosis of Graham Mort’s excellent supervision is not only the fact that I am now published, but that his influence is continuing to shape my my new creative work.”

    Ray Robinson, PhD 2006, shortlisted for James Tait Black Memorial Prize
  • “The process at Lancaster goes way beyond the bounds of honing something into commercial acceptability. Many were the times I thought the job was complete only to be told to dig deeper, to go further. Without the PhD process, the novel would not have become the completed whole I now feel it to be.”

    Professor Martin Goodman, PhD 2007, prize-winning author and Director of the Philip Larkin Centre
  • “I wanted to be part of a community of writers from around the world. Lancaster University is fulfilling this… I have learned so much this week about the challenges, hopes and dreams facing the Nigerian and Ugandan students. I will take their aspirations and poetry back to my country to share.”

    Student, DLMA Summer School 2011
  • “The fact that students come from such diverse countries enriched the week greatly…I am going away with the perspectives of so many different people and some concrete ideas for my work, to do with creating other worlds and voices.”

    Student, DLMA Summer School 2010